Pigeon sports in India had seen some paradigm shift in the last decade especially in south India. Pigeon racing has shifted from Arts to Science. Thanks to the internet sage

CHPFA was started in the year in Chennai, Anna Nagar. By a group of friends who were breeding the homing pigeons for decades and also racing in different parts of the city clubs. They had the common dream to develop the hobby of pigeon sporting among the youngsters in their area. The motive was also to create an arena for fair play in this sport and to literate and facilitate the fanciers to indulge in a more professional way. Even though there are many other clubs / associations existing CHPFA's policies helped them to prolong even after 10 years.


Conduct a fair play.

Educate fanciers to understand the sports and their pigeon's nature before sporting them.

Every year the club organizes racing activities during the month of December - May.


CHPFA is the one of the first clubs in the city to initiate the process of one city championship.

CHPFA hold the records in Chennai for producing most long distance winner's consecutive years. And K.Sivakumar won the title thrice in the last 4 years.

Mr. K.Sivakumar is a senior member and the treasurer of the association / club, holds the record for finishing the 1200 Kms race from Bhopal in 25 Hrs.

Ours is the only association in South India which announced winners in velocity method for a 900 Kms race Wardha. Normally there is a minimum time difference of 15 mins between birds, but in that particular race nearly 8 birds finished in 30 mins

610 Kms race Karim Nagar. Ravikumar's birds finishes in less than 11 hours. (Liberation 8.00 Am, finishes at 7.00 Pm.

The club has produced a hat trick club champion Mr. S. Srinivasan in its history.

2 out of 3 times champions of CRPS.